Encountering the Grand Canyon Up Close

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Encountering the Grand Canyon Up Close

Absorb the panoramic views as you ride above the Hoover Dam bypass bridge before driving through the Southwest Desert to indulge in a small time in Kingman, Arizona. Discover breathtaking vistas of the Southern Rim from one of the various overlooks in addition to many additional sight-seeing opportunities within the Historical Village District in which you’ll be able also to visit a new and modern Guest Information Center. There will be plenty of time for photo opportunities, souvenir shopping or simply immerse yourself in the surrounding scenery during the brief stops that your professional guide will make for your convenience.

Luxury bus tours are the most convenient and relaxing way to experience all the splendor and majesty that the Grand Canyon’s South Rim has to offer. Detailed with dazzling slopes and cliffs, this important natural miracle shows a magnificent display of natural erosion found no place else on earth. Coach tours will even take you to check out the deepest elements of the Grand Canyon at Bright Angel and Mather Points which is one mile deep, eighteen miles wide, and a staggering 277 miles in length! Some of the various other attractions which your luxury Motorcoach tour might stop at are the famous train station, the Indian Hopi House Art Museum, Kolb Studio, and the Look-Out studio.

Visitors will also want to take time for bus tours that take you along the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. Here everyone will certainly have the chance to appreciate the captivating splendor of the natural wonder of the world as viewed through the viewpoint of the people, the Hualapai Indians. Skywalk Bus Tours From Las Vegas will present you with an exceptional chance to travel throughout twenty-one magnificent miles within the most ancient and largest Joshua Tree Forests in the world. And once on this famous reservation, the Hualapai Indians will take you to observe a fundamentally undisturbed section within the Grand Canyon. Travel back in its history and understand even more of many of our Native Americans that also are proud of their culture having distinct respect for nature. Experience a time-honored, authentic barbeque lunch made courtesy of the Hualapai Indians from 3,500 feet on top of the Colorado River.

To get a Grand Canyon excursion that is equal to no other, why don’t try one of the luxuries overnight bus tours that will begin with a departure right from Las Vegas directly to the South Edge. Soaring above famous landmarks such as Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and a desert wilderness on your way to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport gives visitors a new perspective of the majesty of this natural wonder of the world. Upon your planned arrival you are going to indulge in all the interesting attractions that the Grand Canyon holds on your deluxe Motorcoach tour.

Las Vegas bus tour is a thrilling and reasonably priced way to enjoy your time in the Las Vegas area. Next time you are in Las Vegas be sure to include Las Vegas bus tour on the plans.

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