Petrified Forest Nation Park

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Petrified Forest Nation Park

Petrified Forest Park is one of the most treasured parks due to its truly unique and special features. The park is a legend throughout the world and a destination point for millions and millions of people throughout the 20th and 21st century. It’s a marvel seldom seen anywhere in the world. This Arizona landmark is one of the highlights of the system and delights and amazes anyone who visits.

Petrified Forest Park has one of the largest arrays of petrified wood in the world. It is a favorite haunt of artists from all over the world given its scenic landscape and rugged terrain. In addition to the petrified wood, the park is also home to the Arizona badlands of the Painted Desert. The colors and hues provided by the forest have fascinated artists and casual visitors as well for decades. If you are an archeological buff the Petrified Forest National Park offers a display of fossils purported to be over 200 million years old underscoring the amazing history of the park.

Fascination is the word most associated with the Petrified Forest National Park and it offers a lot to be fascinated by. You can spend hours, even days taking in all that the park has to offer in scenery, interesting plant life and wildlife as well. Ravens, lizards and all manner of reptile can be seen within the park boundaries.

Other activities including camping, hiking and day tripping in the Petrified Forest National Park can be an experience you will cherish and remember for years to come. If you are a back-country camper, you will find the terrain as challenging as it is beautiful and will most likely be one of your most interesting back-country camping trips ever.

Plan your time at The Petrified Forest National Park appropriately as with any National Park visit. Check in on times the park is open what activities are available and what the weather will be like during your stay will make your time in the park more pleasurable and enjoyable. No matter when you plan your trip the experience will be one like you’ve never had. It’s fun, exciting and fascinating for everyone in the whole family. Enjoy the park and everything it offers.

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