10 Reasons Why Colombia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

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10 Reasons Why Colombia Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Gone are the days when people would be scared of traveling to Colombia because of the Narco-trafficking ravage and the violence that was associated with it. However, in the past few years, Colombia is reining with pace and is now attracting up to 300 percent of the initial tourists. There are a lot of places to tour and a lot of things to do while on vacation to Colombia. Here are the 10 reasons why Colombia should be your next travel destination.

  1. The Lost City of Ciudad Perdida

Ciudad Perdida is a mystical city hidden in the depths of Sierra Nevada, the lost city of the Tayrona people. While in this place, you can take an intensive 5 days trek through slippery mud and over 1,200 stone steps. You will encounter the indigenous Kogi who still practice ancient ways of living.

  1. Colombia’s Marvelous Coffee Culture

Apart from just being a quick caffeine rush, coffee is arguably the way of life in Colombia. Most travelers often get their hands on the tinto which is a regular coffee drank by the locals. However, it is not hard to come across the first class coffee beans. You can find this in almost all the local coffee shops.


  1. Medellin

This town has once been named the most dangerous city in the world thanks to the actions of Pablo Escobar. Over the past few years, Medellin has cleared its name and has even been recognized as the city of eternal spring. This place has an almost perfect climate with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a vibrant nightlife. These are some of the things that make Medellin a must-visit place.


  1. The Foods and Drinks

Even though Colombia doesn’t have a very nice reputation, it has a lot of places to take a break from daily activities. It is easy to get your hands on different delicacies and drinks from the many local restaurants. Colombia serves coffee that is above average unlike most of the South American countries, which rely on the execrable instant coffee (Nescafe).


  1. Cartagena City

Cartagena is Colombia’s most visited city. Apart from being one of the oldest city in South America, it is bathed by the warm waters from the Caribbean Sea. While on a visit to this place, you need to head to this old walled city and get the chance to witness the colorful façade of the 500 years old buildings.


  1. Valle de Cocora

Valle de Cocora is probably the most remarkably landscaped area in the whole of Colombia. It is located in the central Andes and is famously known for being the only place in the world with the world’s tallest palm grows. While in this place, you can take a 5-hour hike through the valley and get an unforgettable hiking experience.


  1. Tayrona National Park

This park is filled with a mix of stunning Caribbean beaches and a verdant tropical forest making it a famous destination for the lovers of nature. While on tour here, you have the opportunity to enjoy the stunning sunset after snorkeling in the sea and spotting local birds.


  1. Cali City

Cali is the ideal destination for people willing to show their moves as most of the clubs play salsa classics. Over the ages, Cali has been nicknamed “salsa capital of the world”.  One can be kept till dawn for there’s plenty of rumba and body shaking reggae tone.



  1. Totumo Volcano Mud Baths

The mud baths of Totumo Volcano is a fun and messy escapade and is also believed to have healing properties. For a quick relaxing massage at a tip, visitors can descend the slippery ladder and float in the warm and smooth mud.




  1. Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira

It’s an impressive architectural structure located 200 meters deep underground in an abandoned mine. It has a total of 14 chapels which are connected by tunnels to represent the stations of the cross of Jesus’ last journey as believed by the Catholic Church. This is not the most ideal to visit on Sunday as up to 3000 people attend the Catholic services.


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