A Weekend in Zagreb

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A Weekend in Zagreb

A wonderful city to visit, Zagreb has loads to offer and visitors will be pleasantly surprised at all that there is to see and do. Wandering around the medieval old town is a lovely way to spend the day and there are lots of atmospheric cafes and bars as well as brilliant restaurants for you to check out. With some specactular architecture on show and some interesting and bizarre museums to boot; a weekend in Zagreb is the perfect city break with something for everyone to enjoy.

Split into an Upper and Lower Town, it is the former that most tourists head to as it hosts the historic centre of the city and is full of lovely old medieval architecture. St. Mark’s Square has some fantastic buildings lining it and one of the most prominent and well-known buildings in the city is St. Mark’s Church which has such a distinctive look about it. Consecrated in the thirteenth century, it is the church’s tiled roof that sets it apart from other places of worship as it displays both the city and country’s coat of arms. While the facade is not particularly special to look at, there is some nice Romanesque and Gothic architecture on show and there are some lovely little sculptures dotted about.

Not far away lies the spectacular Zagreb Cathedral which is one of the highlights of what the city has to offer. Towering above the rest of Zagreb, its twin spires are beautiful to behold and its facade is wonderfully ornamented and is neo-Gothic in style. Once used as a watchtower when the city was threatened by the Ottomans, you can still see the remains of fortified walls lying about it and in actual fact it was once destroyed when the Mongols invaded in the 1200s. The interior is just as special as statues and paintings decorate the pillars and walls within.

Dripping with culture, two of the most interesting museums on offer are the Croatian Museum of Naive Art and the Museum of Broken Relationships. Exploring the twentieth century art movement of the same name, the former is fascinating to wander around and offers up an interesting look at a number of works by Croatian artists with paintings, drawings and sculptures all on show. The latter, if you hadn’t guessed, is about break-ups and relationships that just didn’t work out. A funny, poignant and at times touching place to visit, the museum is home to loads of random objects and items that played an important role in a couple’s relationship. Little panels and stories tell their tale and it is a surprisingly moving exhibition and is well worth visiting for its unique subject.

In addition to its museums, monuments and medieval architecture, the city also has some lovely green spaces for those looking to enjoy the sun and spend their time outdoors. Jarun Lake is a great hangout spot and the huge lake has loads of activities for you to enjoy with kayaking and swimming among the most popular. At night the vibe changes as the bars and clubs that line the lake pump out music over the water and it was one of the best spots in the city for its nightlife.

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