Backpacker-friendly destinations in Asia

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Backpacker-friendly destinations in Asia

Backpacking has been a famous travel trend lately – with the rise of cheap off the beaten travel destinations. Good thing Asia has a lot to offer when it comes to backpacking. From newly discovered islands to authentic cultural nooks, surely jetting off for a while will be worth it as you earn memorable travel experiences without spending too much.

Check out these cool backpacking destinations and tick places off your bucket list as you meet new friends, eat delightful cuisines, and soak up the unique Asian culture.


Sri Lanka

Often overlooked as a backpacker destination in Asia, Sri Lanka has in fact a unique culture worth exploring. Its off-the-beaten vibe makes it a cheap option for travelers. If you’re on a backpacker’s budget, you’re lucky because budget accommodation in Sri Lanka is on the rise with multitude of hostels to choose from. When it comes to adventure, this island nation will bring out your wanderlust – from temples to ruins to beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. Sunsets in Sri Lanka are worth witnessing so head to the beach and wait for it while sipping some cocktails with a special someone. Some places you shouldn’t miss include Unawatuna, a stunning beach best for relaxation, and Singiriya, an ancient stone found in the Matale District.


Northern Thailand

Despite its many touristy areas, Thailand still has some hidd en gems perfect for backpackers minus the overcrowded beaches and overpriced hotels. To explore Thailand on a budget, you may head to the northern areas including Chiang Rai. Cut Bangkok out of your list and begin your northern Thailand escapade in Chiang Rai with its fascinating association with the Lanna people, as evident in the museums and architecture in the province. Its history makes it one of the oldest settlements in the country. Don’t forget to take photos at the famous White Temple and get your dose of history at the Oub Kham Museum.



A truly distinct place for backpackers, Nepal is home to some of the most breathtaking sights in the world including its main attraction – the Himalayas. With its people deeply rooted to their culture, anyone looking for an authentic travel experience will not regret visiting this country boasting of rich geography and customs. Backpacking in Nepal means getting closer to some of the world’s tallest mountains including Mount Everest. Birgunj, a metropolitan city in Nepal, has the Durga Temple and Shankr Acharya. After being hit by an earthquake in 2015, Nepal slowly rebuilt its tourism, making it one of the most affordable places to visit in Asia.



Some will argue that India may not be the best destination for those who are just beginning to do backpack travelling but for those who’ve been doing it for a while, India may just offer an intense, meaningful travel experience. Not only is it one of the cheapest travel destinations in Asia, it also is in the world! And it offers a whole lot more than just culture and food – it is complete with mountains, beaches, even spiritual sites including monasteries to satisfy your craving for inner peace.

From the Himalayas to India’s jungles, travelling with your backpack in tow and a few dollars in your pocket is truly possible because exploring the world is more than just the expensive food and luxurious hotel rooms. It is about the people you meet along the way and the memories you bring home.

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