Exploring London’s Amazing Museums

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Exploring London’s Amazing Museums

While its wealth of incredible historical sites, lovely leafy parks and the lively atmosphere about the place make London a delight to explore, visitors invariably love and laud the fact that its plethora of world-class museums are free and accessible to all. Whether it’s art, science, history or culture that you’re interested in, this amazing city will certainly have a museum to cater to your interests. With almost an endless list of places to discover, here are some of the best ones in London for you to enjoy!

The Natural History Museum

Set in a lovely looking building, the Natural History Museum is remarkably home to over eighty million items! Needless to say you’re going to have your time cut out trying to see as much as possible. Sometimes nicknamed the cathedral of nature due to its huge collection and delightful architecture, one of the most popular sections is home to lots of ferocious looking dinosaur skeletons which date back millions of years. Amongst all the natural wonders on show, another of the most impressive sights is that of the humongous blue whale skeleton that hangs above the exhibitions in one of the galleries. The museum really is fascinating to explore and it is conveniently located in South Kensington, right next to the Science Museum and the V&A.

The Science Museum

Attracting over three million visitors each year, the Science Museum is a fun, interactive and educational place to visit and is a favourite amongst children and adults alike. Whether you want to learn about steam trains, space exploration or media and modern technology; you’ve come to the right museum! The most popular gallery is the Launchpad where there are a multitude of interactive exhibits with an alluring array of pulleys, levers, buttons and motion sensors for you to run wild with!

The Victoria and Albert Museum

This massive museum is absolutely spectacular to wander around as it encompasses a huge variety of art pieces from around the world that date back over the last five thousand years. Drawing on cultures from every corner of the globe, the vases, costumes, textiles, sculptures, jewellery and more make every gallery mesmerising to explore. With an astounding number of beautiful statues and sculptures to gaze upon as well as one of the best collections of Islamic art in the world; the V&A as it is known will never disappoint!

The British Museum

One of the most famous and indeed most visited museums in the world, the British Museum’s amazing collection highlights art and culture from around the globe as well as inumerable items of historical interest. Its awe-inspiring exhibitions on Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece are dazzling for all of the amazing statues and artworks that they contain while the beautifully presented Mayan collection highlights the ingenuity of yet another impressive civilisation. One could spend a lifetime exploring all that the British Museum has to offer and still not have seen it all!

The National Gallery

With its fine columns and dome looking out impressively over Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery is a great place to spend some time as it has some fantastic artworks for you to enjoy. Here you can find Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers painting as well as works by Turner, da Vinci and Van Eyck. With stunning pieces by Michelangelo and his rival Raphael on show as well as Hieronymus Bosch and Rousseau; this lovely museum is well worth stopping by and is one of the most popular in London.


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