Denali Nation Park

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Denali Nation Park

Denali National Park is like chicken soup for the heart of an adventurer. It is home to the beautiful Mount McKinley, which is also known as the roof of North America.

If you love wildlife, you can plan a trip to the park. From Grizzly bears to black bears, gray wolves, Dall sheep, snowshoe hares, pikas, martens, wolverines, lynx all inhabit the park. Bird lovers may be able to see waxwings, pine grosbeaks, Arctic Warblers, Ptarmigan, golden eagles in Denali National park.


Taking a bus drive through the park is the safest way of viewing wildlife

You can view the animals from a distance safely. You can also walk through some remote trails if you would like to see the wildlife up close, but before you take a walk, you must learn how to behave in case you face a wild animal.

Alaskan Mountains are an attraction to mountaineering enthusiasts from around the world. Denali national park offers mountaineering facilities.

Camping and Backpacking are popular summertime activities in the park. Denali National park has several camping grounds but no permanent campsites in the back-country. Therefore, if you would like to go backpacking in the park, you must carry your gear and supplies and must be aware of proper waste disposal practices.

A ‘Fall Lottery’ is organized in the park during the fall and winners can get a day permit and drive of the Denali Park roads as the weather grants. To stand a chance of winning this lottery you have to apply between June 1st to June 30th.

In Denali National park there are popular recreation activities like Skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling. You can also camp at the Riley Creek Campground, which is only open in winters. You can also take a back-country permit and choose your place in the back-country for camping.

So, whether you want to go mountaineering, watch wildlife camping, or just endure the joys of nature up close, The Denali National Park is the best place.

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