The Best of the Emerald Isle: the Natural Beauty of Ireland

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The Best of the Emerald Isle: the Natural Beauty of Ireland

Full of breathtaking landscapes and astounding natural beauty, Ireland is a wonderful country to visit and it is not without reason that it is known as the ‘Emerald Isle’ as resplendent greenery is everywhere you look. Travelling around the island is an unforgettable experience as you pass by sweeping valleys, glimmering lakes and secluded woods and forests and visitors invariably come away delighted at all of the stunning scenery that they’ve seen. To give you an idea of just some of the magnificent sights that are scattered about the country; here is the best of what the Emerald Isle has to offer.

Located on the west coast of Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher tower imperiously above the dark blue waters below them and the steep cliff faces certainly cut an impressive sight. One of the most popular tourist sites in the whole of the country, the cliffs rise to a maximum height of 214 metres and the views on offer from the top are simply splendid.There is a lovely cliff top walk for visitors to enjoy and you can even take a boat cruise to gaze upon the cliffs from below or walk along the shingle beach at the bottom.

Not far from the cliffs is The Burren: a beautiful almost lunar-like landscape that is mesmerising to explore due to its stunning geological features and interesting rock formations. Glaciated karst makes up most of the area and interspersed amongst the limestone you can find a wide array of fauna and flora and lots of pretty little wild flowers add colour to the somewhat sombre terrain. An ancient landscape, The Burren attracts many visitors to the area and there are lots of great paths and trails scattered about here and there for nature lovers to explore. Now a national park, you can also find a number of historic sights located within its confines such as the Poulnabrome dolmen: a megalithic tomb which remarkably dates back to between 4200 – 2900 BC.

Another national park that is worth visiting lies not far from Dublin and encompasses the wild and wonderful Wicklow Mountains. A very picturesque place, the park is home to a wide array of different habitats and visitors will find bogs, forests, heaths and grasslands alongside the mountains themselves and rivers too course down from their upper realms. As the area has been inhabited since Neolithic times, a number of ancient tombs are hidden amongst the countryside and a fine sixteenth century monastery can be found at Glendalough. With rock climbing, swimming, hiking and more on offer, the national park is great to visit and has loads of outdoor activities.

Yet another stupendous place to visit in Ireland are the Skellig Islands which lie just off of the southwestern coastline. These two small, craggy islands are beautiful to behold and they are home to a spectacular sixth century monastery which is nestled amongst the rocky terrain. Due to their remote nature, the islands are also home to sizeable seabird colonies and there is lots of great scuba diving to be had in the clear waters that surround them.

With such an incredible array of wonderous nature sights and scenery on offer, visitors to Ireland are guaranteed to come away amazed at all that they’ve seen and done and itching to return to the Emerald Isle with all of its stupendous natural beauty.

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