Tips and Tricks for Visiting Moraine Lake, Alberta

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Tips and Tricks for Visiting Moraine Lake, Alberta

Lake Moraine is by far the most tranquil, gorgeous and picturesque lake that you can ever visit. It is located in the Rocky Mountains, which adds a breathtaking experience to it. The lake is located in Alberta Banff National Park and is situated at the end of a winding and narrow road that begins from Lake Louise. Lake Moraine is only half the size of the nearby lakes, but it is more scenic. It is a glacier-fed lake, which is surrounded by the rocky mountain peaks making the scene even more surreal. It is one of the places that you really need to visit if you want to have the best experience.

Best time to visit

The best time not to visit Lake Moraine is when the road first opens in May because you will not see the turquoise water since its waters remain frozen until late May or Early June. During this time, water level remains low until the glaciers on top of the hills begin to melt. Once the water starts to melt, it flows into the lake carrying along silt or rock flour. This is what actually makes the water to reflect off giving the water a spectacular blue color. Therefore, the best time to visit this location is from late June to early July. The color of the water in this lake is best enjoyed during the closure of the road at the beginning of October.

Get the best view from the Rockpile Trail

Along the back of Lake Moraine are trail switchbacks, which have a set of stone steps. These steps lead you to the top of the rocks where you get to have an eccentric view of the lake. While climbing your way up, you will spot chipmunks, squirrels, marmots and many other birds native to this region. You may not have the best view of the lake if you do not go high enough. Keep climbing to the last step to have the best view.


There is only one place where you can find accommodation, and that is Moraine Lake Lodge. Staying at the lodge gives you the privilege of the late or morning hours of the day when the scene is not crowded because many tourists have already left. The lodges are opened from June to October, and it has amenities that include a restaurant and a gift shop.  Apart from the lodges, Lake Moraine has rental apartments that are affordable going from a minimum price of $105 for every hour spent. Note that these rentals are never up for booking or reservation since they use first-come-first-serve policy.

To get to Moraine Lake, you have to drive uphill for roughly 3Km after which you meet the road that leads Moraine Lake on the left-hand side. The lake is situated off the Trans-Canada highway from Lake Louise village. Note that you can still get to visit both Lake Louise and Moraine Lake on the same day since they are just 15Km apart.

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