Top 5 Bucket-List Experiences Africa Offers

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Top 5 Bucket-List Experiences Africa Offers

Ever since the movie The Bucket List came out in 2007, a majority of people started coming up with their own wish-list of experiences or achievements they would like to accomplish in their lifetime. Most people have going on an African safari as one of their bucket list items. The continent offers so much more in terms of the bucket-list type of experiences and you should definitely include some of them on your list.

The Great Wildebeest Migration

An African safari still tops bucket lists, but why not make it much more worthwhile by endeavoring to witness the great wildebeest migration? It happens between May and December, seeing as many as 1.5 million wildebeests traversing the Serengeti plains in Tanzania and Kenya’s Maasai Mara. It isn’t only about wildebeests and other wildlife like gazelles and zebras also take part in the great migration. You could also enjoy the experience in a hot-air balloon.

Hike Up An African Mountain

Africa is also blessed with several mountains that offer a wonderful opportunity to trek and hike. Amongst the continent’s most popular mountains are Mount Kenya, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. If you are looking for a half-day or multi-day trek experience, then consider the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa. Some of the other lesser known peaks worth exploring include the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia and the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda.

Trek Gorillas in The Wild

You can contribute to preservation efforts by taking part in a gorilla trekking expedition. The impenetrable Bwindi Forest in Uganda is the place to go for some gorilla spotting. It’s the famed habitat of the gorillas that primatologist Dian Fossey habituated to humans. It also hosts several Ugandan indigenous cultures as well as selections of exotic birds, monkeys, and chimps. Queen Elizabeth National Park is yet another ideal location to go gorilla trekking.

Go On A Walking Safari

A safari still had to make it on this list and a twist to it is to go walking. Zambia is the destination to go on a guided walking safari at the South Luangwa National Park. It allows you to closely mingle with the natural world and get an even more up-close look at wildlife. It also heightens your senses and the experience leaves you with memories of the scents of different plants as well as the wildlife. The one in a lifetime experience also allows you to analyze medicinal plants, paw prints, and burrows.

Cycle Through The African Landscapes

Bucket list type of adventures should include the thrill of taking up challenges. There isn’t an experience that sums this up more than cycling through the African landscapes. It puts you in direct contact with the breathtaking landscapes and it’s also an excellent way to interact with the locals. You can choose to cycle through a park or raise the stakes even higher by embarking on a cross-continent adventure. Motorbike tours are also available at the South African coast and Tanzania.

While at it, it doesn’t hurt to give back and take part in some volunteer initiatives. Take the time to soak in the different cultures and even try to pick up on a new language or two.

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