Top Ten Breathtaking Landscapes in Chile – That You Probably Never Heard Of

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Top Ten Breathtaking Landscapes in Chile – That You Probably Never Heard Of

Unlike most places on this planet, Chile has a wealth of beautiful landscapes that are probably beyond the iconic regions of Atacama and Patagonia. This place can possibly be described as having diverse and breathtaking scenery from the snow-capped active volcanoes to icy blue glaciers including the longest coastline in the world. Here are the top ten breathtaking landscapes in Chile that you probably never heard of.

Cajón del Maipo

This feature image is amongst the highest mountains that rise above Santiago and is the highest point on the Andes. You can reach it by driving towards the Camino al Volcan alongside river Maipo. Most of the people traveling to this destination are seeking high adventures while others are on a rafting tour. If you are sticking here for some time, you have the chance of camping by the river.


This is a hill with a dense forest surrounded by a lakeside resort. It is home to several geothermal baths with springs having temperatures of up to 40oC. Often, one can sight the smoke-spitting Villarrica volcano. You also have the opportunity to view the cascading waterfalls and rushing clear-water from the nearby rivers and streams. There are some classy restaurants and hotels where you can have a good meal and sleep after a long day of hiking.

Elqui Valley

The Elqui valley is enclosed in one of Chile’s oldest City, La Serena Stark-Mountains. The slopes of this landscape are bone dry and barren. However, the floor of the valley is covered in spectacular green vines making this place appear classic brandy. While here, you can have access to almost any facility ranging from hotels to restaurants.


Buchupureo and Cobquecura Coastline

The wild as well as windswept coast area existing between these two places is a reminder of the New Zealand’s west coast. This area is covered with green hills and a very long stretch of sand. The closest town around this place is filled with colorful adobe homes and their farmers still utilize the oxen-pulled carts. Some of the doable activities in this place include surfing, wildlife viewing, and bass fishing.

Lago Budi, La Araucanía

This region lies in some of the forgotten corners of La Araucania region in Chile. There is a lagoon filled with salty water that was formed after a combination of a tsunami and an earthquake occurred. One of Chile’s largest indigenous groups has dominated this area.


Conguillío National Park

This area is covered by a large forest of ancient trees of the araucaria type. This is among few places that look almost similar to the time when dinosaurs used to exist. It is filled with umbrella-shaped evergreens, which are spread from the foothills of the Andes thus generating a terrain that resembles a long-lost era.



Central Valley’s Park, Waterfalls and Pools

This park got its name from the series of pools found in a narrow gorge curved from the ground by river Claro. Apart from the pools, there are many waterfalls and swimming holes where tourists can dip their feet.




Chilean Lake District

This area promotes genuine travel opportunities where tourists get the chance to interact with the locals and even get off the beaten paths. Tourists can ride and view active volcanoes on their way to cabins and cottages.




Chiloé Island   

A 1,190 sq. Km patch of rainforest covers this island. It is characterized by Chilean wilderness and is a renowned biodiversity hotspot. Tourists have access to campsites that are fully equipped including restaurants and hiking trips through the forest.



Caleta Cóndor Beach

Chile has a beach coastline of about 4,270 Km making it one of the longest coastlines in the world. This beach stands out from other beaches because of its location in an indigenous reserve. February is the best time to visit this place.



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