Planning The Perfect Vacation to Seychelles

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Planning The Perfect Vacation to Seychelles


The island nation of Seychelles is a popular romantic location for honeymooners, and it was the chosen destination for Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2011. However, there is more to the country, and it suits just about anyone looking for a tranquil and relaxing vacation.

Schedule Your Trip

It’s much easier to plan a vacation to Seychelles, and you can either do it online or work with a travel agent. Several direct international flights go to the archipelago, but it depends on where you travel from. The weather remains tropical with substantial humidity for most of the year making it ideal to visit whenever you please. However, the rainy season starts in December running all the way to February. 

Plan Your Itinerary

Made up of 115 islands, the first task would be deciding which ones to visit or even possibly extending your stay to try and get around to as many as you can. However, the Seychelles International Airport is located in Mahe, which is also the country’s largest island, and that is where your trip will begin. 


.  Mahe

There is a lot to do in Mahe including visiting the Beau Vallon Beach to enjoy the spectacular sunset. You can also make your way around the capital, Victoria, and explore the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens, the Mission Lodge lookout, the Seychellois National Park, and the vast array of beaches available. 



  • Praslin and Curieuse Islands

Also, schedule trips to two of Seychelles famous islands which are Praslin and Curieuse. You can get to Praslin by ferry or flight and amongst the list of things to see includes the UNESCO World Heritage site Vallee de Mai national park filled with the rare coco de mer palms. Praslin also hosts another famous beach, Anse Lazio, revered for its white sandy beaches against the tranquil turquoise waters and shady palm trees. 

Curieuse is the place to visit if you want to roam with the Aldabra tortoises and grab a selfie with one. It’s often a half-day trip, and most people prefer to pair a trip to the island with one to St. Pierre which is an excellent location for snorkeling. 

  • La Digue

Slot in a visit to La Digue located just 15-minutes by ferry from Praslin island. It’s the smallest of the three islands and the most relaxed with virtually no cars in sight. Bikes are the mode of transport used in La Digue, and it’s an excellent way to explore the island. 

Must-Try Activities

While the Republic of Seychelles is all beach for most of the part, there is much more to do to make your trip truly enjoyable. You can also go snorkeling, hiking, sample tasty Creole dishes, and trek through the lush jungles for some wildlife spotting. There are planned snorkeling/sightseeing tours to Ste Anne National Marine Park from Mahe, and a stopover at the Moyenne Island allows you to see giant tortoises. 

It’s also worthwhile to just kick back and relax by the pool or beach. Five-star accommodation doesn’t come cheap in the island nation, but there are still selections of luxurious and affordable options available.

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