Top things to do in Maldives

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Top things to do in Maldives

Are you craving for some dreamy adventure in a paradise? Look no further – because Maldives may just be the perfect destination for you. Whether you’re looking for a romantic or a serene place to get away from the hustles and bustles of the city, this island is a tropical nation spanning the Indian Ocean boasting of white sands, hospitable people, and diverse culture.

So pack your bags, don your favorite pair of sunglass, and enjoy what this island has to offer. Here are some of the things you can do when you finally decide that Maldives is the place to be.


Enjoy a romantic holiday

For couples who are celebrating their honeymoon or just simply taking a vacation, Maldives has a wide array of resorts and villas that offer spectacular views of the ocean and the sunset. Imagine enjoying a cocktail in one hand while basking in a private luxurious getaway filled with lazy mornings at the beach, relaxing spa sessions, and customized cuisines made just for you and your special someone.


Go on thrilling adventures

Crazy for some fun and energetic activities? Maldives has every kind of water-based sports you will love. From canoeing to wakeboarding and parasailing, you will not run out of activities you can inject in between laidback days. As a watersports hub, many resorts in the island offer packages for the adrenaline-junkie in you. Enjoy great depths when you go free diving or be towed on an inflated tube when you choose fun tube riding. Want to harness the power of the wind? Go kite surfing and sweep across the water.


Join in on the fun and meet fellow travelers

Take advantage of daily excursions organized by resorts so you get to meet new people and discover Maldives with them. Some excursions include cruising and touring around Male, Maldives’ capital. You can also go on a picnic in some of Maldives’ deserted islands. Some resorts organize parties and evening entertainment where you can dance the night away. Staying in a guesthouse, instead of a plush hotel, will give you the chance to experience the island the Maldivian way and get to know their culture and local cuisines.


Ride on a dhoni

A dhoni is a boat used for fishing and transport pf passengers and goods in Maldives. Experience riding one when you go on a leisurely cruise to any island or even when you just want to go snorkeling or fishing. Add more fun to it when you go night fishing and compete among your friends on who had the best catch. You can also ask your in-house chef to cook your catch for you.


Soak in the Maldivian heritage

More than the sun, the sea, and the sand, Maldives has a rich heritage that travelers must experience. Island hopping is the best way to know how the Maldivians live. Discover handicrafts made of locally-sourced materials such as mats made of dried reeds, robes with intricate embroideries, or even toys made with coconut leaves. For art lovers, a visit to the National Museum of Maldives is a great way to know Maldives’ history.

With these must-try activities in Maldives, no wonder is has been named as one of the best places to be. Enjoy not only the sun, but the serenity and the energy this island has to offer.

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