The Waterfalls of Costa Rica

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The Waterfalls of Costa Rica

A country of outstanding natural beauty, Costa Rica has long been lauded for its pristine environment and forward-looking eco-friendly policies. In fact, nearly a quarter of the country´s territory is protected and its national parks are lovely to explore for their incredible biodiversity and charming features. Volcanoes rise dramatically in the distance as dense, humid jungle coats their lower slopes, the impenetrable undergrowth home to an astounding array of animals both large and small. Hidden away amongst all of this are the breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls that Costa Rica is blessed with; here are five that you just won´t want to miss out on!


Traipsing through the jungle, the oppressive heat of the tropical climate weighs down heavily upon you as beautiful birdsong echoes in the trees around you. Immersed in nature, the hike to the waterfalls is delightful as are the plethora of colours all about you and the steady roar of the waterfall increases as you slowly near it.  Emerging from the rainforest, the waterfall plunges dramatically down over 600 feet, coating the pool below in a fine later of mist. A mesmerising sight to behold, reaching Bijagual is an adventure in itself with the waterfall being ample reward for all your efforts.

La Fortuna

Coursing through the Arenal Mountains, the waters of the river weave their way between the jungle on either side before finally spurting out spectacularly into the pool far below. The water drops 75 metres before finally reaching the pool and, with the dense foliage of the rainforest beautifully framing the white rapids; it´s an awe-inspiring sight. Located on the lower slopes of the Chato Volcano, the stunning scenery and magnificent landscapes of the area make for some awesome hiking. Make sure to head to the domineering Arenal Volcano nearby for an incredible view of the area.

Nauyaca Falls

Located in a massive canyon, the waters of Nauyaca Falls spill down over two levels of rock before delightfully merging with the turquoise pool below. There are a wide range of activities to enjoy and visitors can either reach the falls by foot or by horseback riding through the jungle. Once at the pool, it´s time to kick back and lounge in the sun or take to the refreshing waters and enjoy a dip. Make sure to bring your snorkel with you!

Los Chorros

A popular destination at the weekend amongst tourists and locals alike, Los Chorros is the perfect place to sit back and watch the world go by. Located in the park that bares their name, these two waterfalls are located ten minutes apart and people love bathing in their waters and attempting to get as near as possible to the spray at the bottom of the falls. A great day out for all!

Rio Celeste

The vivid turquoise of the Rio Celeste waterfalls is what entices visitors to trek through the jungle to visit them. Located in the scenic Tenorio Volcano National Park, the falls are lovely to visit and it really is a remarkable sight seeing them glistening amidst the dense undergrowth. While it takes some effort to get here, the trek through the pristine, untouched and untamed wilderness is almost as rewarding as seeing the falls themselves!

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