Try Out Bahrain For Your Next Middle Eastern Holiday

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Try Out Bahrain For Your Next Middle Eastern Holiday

Vacationers usually feel like the only option they have when visiting the Middle East is exploring the world-renowned city of Dubai. What most people do not know is that there is a rising star in the region – Bahrain. The Islamic Kingdom borders Qatar to the right and Saudi Arabia to the left, and it offers plenty of tourist opportunities to its visitors.

Explore Pristine Beaches

There are numerous beaches in Bahrain that deserve your attention. On top of the list is the Al Jazayer beach that boasts of almost pristine sands and secluded nature trails to explore. Tourists can also visit Marassi when looking for something more refined that doesn’t require parting with a dime.

Visit the Ahmed Al Fateh Mosque

Locals call it the Grand Mosque. This place of worship is free to enter, and visitors receive the friendliest of welcomes when they want to explore the grounds. It features a stunning yet humble design and is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture you’ll see during the trip.

Qal’at al-Bahrain

If you are a history buff, then you must stop-over at the Qal’at al Bahrain. It provides an opportunity to learn about the ancient Dilmun civilization that inhabited the country five thousand years ago. There are also archaeological excavations on the fort which are presently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Portuguese rebuilt it making its construction a masterpiece of the 16th-century.

Luxurious Accommodations

Anyone who looking to just kick back and enjoy a laid back vacation will love the wide selection of 5-star hotels available in Bahrain. Numerous options exist like the Jumeirah Royal Saray, Four Seasons, and Ritz Carlton. All the accommodation options offer unique settings and a myriad of activities to enjoy within the facilities.

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix has got to be the crown jewel of all the events that happen in Bahrain. The Bahrain International Circuit track, which hosts the event, is located in the desert. The mood in the air that particular weekend is usually lively and welcoming bringing the country to life thanks to this spectacular event.

Learn Pottery

The Middle East country is a brilliant location for anyone who is interested in pottery. Head on to A’Ali town well-known for its pottery workshops and burial mounds. Art has been part of the Bahrain culture for decades, and some of the locals make pots for a living.

Spend Time at the Waterfront Mall

Covering about 40,000 square meters, the waterfront shopping mall is one of the largest in the country offering visitors numerous fun activities. Shop til you drop as you cruise across the air-conditioned mall. You can also have a meal or decide to watch a movie at the Novo or Vox Cinema which are state-of-the-art theatres.

Visit Janabiya Camel Farm

Camels are always a crowd-pleaser in most Arab nations. The king just happens to own the camel farm at Janabiya and it does welcome visitors even though it is marked as private property.

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