Women-friendly Travel Locations in Europe

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Women-friendly Travel Locations in Europe

Europe is a very friendly vacation destination for solo women travelers. The continent offers a vast selection of safe and inclusive locations to visit that deliver both a relaxed and fun vacation. However, regardless of gender, it is always important to have safety in mind at all times and that means researching exhaustively about the country you intend to visit. With that in mind, it is still possible to plan a holiday and have a memorable time away as a solo female traveler.

Here is a list of some of the most women-friendly places in Europe that you should consider for your next trip.


Who said that you cannot make a solo trip to the city of love? For obvious reasons, France’s capital Paris tops the list of the most women-friendly destinations to visit. The Eiffel Tower is a must-visit as well as just walking around sightseeing to discover the city’s charm. You also cannot go all the way to Paris and fail to sample the baguettes as well as other exquisite French cuisines.


Switzerland has the stamp of approval as the world’s happiest country making it sounds like an inviting place to visit. Lakes surround Switzerland offering an endless amount of fun water-based activities to try out including swimming and just sightseeing. Some of the other reasons to visit the country include skiing in the Swiss Alps, scaling the Schilthorn or Matterhorn mountains, and visiting the Swiss Museum of Transport.


The temperatures in this Nordic country fall between 30 to 60 degrees F, but that does not mean that it is covered in ice. Iceland offers numerous sights to see and things to do including visiting the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa and the historic national park Thingvellir. The waters of the Blue Lagoon provide healing properties that are wonderful in helping to rejuvenate the skin.


If you are a big fan of Irish liquor, then Dublin is the place to visit. The Irish city offers much more than excellent alcohol, and its rich cultural history is also very appealing. Make sure to go on food tours like the Butlers Chocolate Experience deliver an exciting opportunity to indulge in some quality Irish cuisine.


The Denmark capital is a vibrant city but with the charm and feeling you get from a small town. It delivers a fusion of old and new architecture, with steel and glass skyscrapers as well as ancient buildings dotted all over the city. Female travelers can try the “Meet The Danes” service which organizes home dinner parties with a local Danish family. The Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park, considered the oldest amusement park, is also definitely worth a visit.

Great Britain

Home to the Queen, Great Britain is the destination to enjoy some quintessential English charm. Made up of three countries including England, Wales, and Scotland, there are several tourist attractions to visit including the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the Stonehenge. However, the environment is quite chilly even during the summer months given its location far up north.

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