Three of the best cities to visit in Serbia

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Three of the best cities to visit in Serbia

Often overlooked in favour of the countries surrounding it, Serbia is very much a hidden gem with a fantastic array of sights for people to enjoy. With its age-old monasteries that dot the countryside and the spectacular castles and churches that are tucked away amongst its cities’ streets, there are lots of great things for visitors to see and do. Whether it is the pounding nightlife of Belgrade that you are after, the beautiful architecture and history of Novi Sad or the hip and trendy streets of Nis; Serbia’s cities will certainly never disappoint. Here are three of the best of them for you to discover and delight in!


With a lovely laidback vibe to it, the Danube and Sava rivers peacefully run their way through the capital of the country and beautiful parks are dotted about the place. Wandering around its old streets is akin to stepping back in time as various impressive buildings from Belgrade’s tumultuous past pop out at you. Mixed amid the concrete monstrosities that date back to Soviet times you’ll find some fantastic buildings that were built way back when the Ottomans and Hapsburgs ruled the city and an imposing citadel lies at its heart. Many people now head to Belgrade for its pounding nightlife and cocktail bars, pubs and nightclubs certainly make it a fun and lively city to go out in. With so much to see and do, the Serbian capital is very much an underrated city that’ll leave you itching for more!


Dripping in history, Nis has a vast array of mesmerising sites for you to explore with the Tower of Skulls being particularly interesting if creepy to visit! Having been founded before the Romans, various sites show off its rich past with its stunning fortress being the highlight of what’s on offer. A lively place with a number of universities, there’s a youthful feel about the streets and there are lots of fashionable and trendy bars and clubs that are definitely worth checking out as well as some great live music venues. If you’re a foodie then there are some delicious restaurants to treat your tastebuds to. Nis really does have something for everyone to enjoy!

Novi Sad

A beautiful city to wander around, the stunning Petrovaradin Citadel impressively looks out over the Danube River and its slight resemblance to the Parthenon has meant that Novi Sad is sometimes known as the Athens of Serbia. Loads of lovely architecture dots its narrow streets and there are some delightful imperial buildings on offer due to the Hapsburgs who once ruled the place. With a lively cultural scene and lots of historical attractions for visitors to visit, this peaceful and picturesque city really is a joy to explore with each nook and cranny offering up something new and delightful for you to revel in. Located in the north of the country, Novi Sad remarkably dates back to around 5000 BC and its rich cultural heritage means that it will be a ‘European Capital of Culture’ in 2021 which means that now is the perfect time to visit!

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